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About American Tree Farm System

Our Supporters

ATFS is a program of the American Forest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The American Forest Foundation receives financial support from individuals, organizations, government agencies, private foundations, and corporations.

Our state partners are the individuals and organizations that work on the ground with our family woodland owners providing them with the tools, information, and advice to sustainably manage their woodlands.

STIHL, Inc. is the exclusive sponsor of the Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Regional and National Awards.

Thank you for your support!

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Alabama Forestry Association

Alaska Division of Forestry

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California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

Clemson University Extension Service

Colorado State Forest Service

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Kellogg Environmental Center

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Delaware Department of Agriculture

District of Columbia-Environmental Health Administration

District of Columbia-Public Works, Office of Recycling

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Florida Division of Forestry

Florida Forestry Association

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Georgia Forestry Association

Georgia Forestry Commission

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Hawaii Forest Service

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Idaho Department of Education

Idaho Department of Lands Stewardship Program

Idaho Forest Products Commission

Idaho Forest Service

Idaho Intermountain Forest Association

Idaho U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Department of Natural Resources-Forestry

Iowa - Aquatic Education Program

Iowa Department of Natural Resources-Forestry

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Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education

Kansas Forest Industries Association

Kentucky Division of Forestry

Kentucky Forest Industries Association

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Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry

Louisiana Forestry Association

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Maine Forest Service

Maine T.R.E.E. Foundation

Maryland Department of Natural Resources-Forest Service

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management

Massachusetts Forestry Association

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan Forest Association

Michigan Forest Resource Alliance

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Forest Industries

Minnesota Forestry Association

Mississippi Forestry Association

Mississippi Forestry Commission

Mississippi Project Learning Tree

Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri Forest Products Association

Montana Environmental Education Association

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Nevada Division of Forestry

New Hampshire Granite State Society of American Foresters

New Hampshire Project Learning Tree

New Hampshire Society for the Protection of NH

New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association

New Jersey DEP, Parks and Forestry

New Jersey Forest Resource Education Center

New Jersey Forestry Association

New Jersey Rutgers University, Cooperative Extension

New Jersey State Forestry Services

New Mexico EMNRD-Forestry Division

New York Empire State Forest Products Association

New York Forest Owners Association

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Education Department

North Carolina Association of Consulting Foresters

North Carolina Division of Forest Resources

North Carolina Farm Bureau

North Carolina Forest Service

North Carolina Forestry Association

North Carolina Society of American Foresters

North Carolina State University, Cooperative Extension

North Dakota Forest Service

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Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Forestry

Ohio Project Learning Tree

Oklahoma Forestry Association

Oklahoma Forestry Services

Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Oregon State University, College of Forestry

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Pennsylvania Department of Education

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Rhode Island Division of Forest Environment

Rhode Island Forest Conservation Organization

Rhode Island Providence Water

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South Carolina Forestry Association

South Carolina Forestry Commission

South Carolina Forestry Foundation

South Dakota Project Learning Tree

South Dakota-Keep South Dakota Green


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Tennessee Department of Agriculture-Division of Forestry

Tennessee Forestry Association

Texas Forest Service

Texas Forestry Association

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University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension

University of Florida-Forest Resources & Conservation

University of Nebraska Lincoln

University of New Hampshire, Cooperative Extension

University of New Mexico

University of the District of Columbia, Cooperative Extension

Utah Society for Environmental Education

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Vermont Department of Forest, Parks & Recreation

Vermont Woodlands Association

Virginia Department of Forestry

Virginia Forestry Association

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Washington Forest Protection Association

West Virginia Division of Forestry

West Virginia Forestry Association

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Woodlands Owners Association

Wyoming Project Learning Tree