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Get Started with ATFS

The Five Steps to Certification

first step to certification You are a good steward with 10-10,000 acres of woodlands. You care about your woods and manage for the long term health of your land.
second step for certification Contact us and we can work with you to see if you meet the ATFS eligibility criteria. All Certified Family Forest owners have a management plan that addresses air, water, soil quality, wildlife, special sites, invasive species and integrated pest management as described in the ATFS Standards of Sustainability.
third step to certification Request a property inspection with one of our ATFS trained inspecting foresters.
step four towards certification And ATFS inspector will visit your property and verify that your land management activities meet the ATFS Standards of Sustainability.
fifth step towards certification If approved for certification, post your ATFS sign with pride! You have been recognized for you good stewardship and your commitment to sustainability on your woodlands.