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Resources for Foresters

Chain of Custody

As a recognized program under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification systems (PEFC), lands certified by the American Tree Farm System are a principle source of fiber for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI, Inc.) and PEFC chain of custody programs.

Certified Tree Farmers are an important source of locally grown, sustainable wood. If you are getting ready for a harvest, be sure to tell your forester, logger or the mill that you are certified by the American Tree Farm System. Check your State Tree Farm program for more information on the certificate number you need for chain of custody tracking.

Chain of custody systems track certified wood fiber from the forest to the store shelf. Manufactures, printers, distributors, and other entities may wish to obtain a chain-of-custody certificate from either SFI or PEFC (or both) to document the amount of certified fiber in their products. A chain of custody certificate is required to allow on-product labeling for certified content.




Please visit the Sustainable Forestry Initiativeand PEFC to learn more about their chain of custody and fiber sourcing certificates.