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Standards for Tree Farm Certification

Below are ATFS' current standards, guidance on implementation and the top things to know about the 2010-2015 standards.

Standards Documents:


Five things to know about ATFS Standards

  1. Designed for small woodland owners: These standards were developed to be appropriate for the type of management practiced by family woodland owners.
  2. Management plan: The management plan streamlines the process for Tree Farm owners to participate in USDA conservation incentive programs and US Forest Service forest stewardship programs. Learn more and download our template.
  3. Protecting special sites: The 2010-2015 standards require the maintenance of special cultural and environmental sites (historical, archaeological, geological, biological and ecological). Check out our website just for woodland owners,, for tips on preserving special sites.
  4. Monitoring your woodlands: The periodic monitoring requirement encourages landowners to watch their woodlands for changes that could interfere with their management objectives. Things to be on the look out for include pest outbreaks (pine beetle, emerald ash borer), invasive plants (kudzu, Canadian thistle) and indications of trespassers. Many landowners are already doing things like walking their boundaries and checking new plantings for invasive species.
  5. Combating invasive species: Tree Farmers are encouraged to make practical efforts to prevent, eradicate or otherwise control invasive species using integrated pest management methods. Integrated pest management methods may include pesticides, physical removal methods and preventative methods.