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Resources for Foresters

Resources for Inspectors

Inspector Training

How do you become an Inspector?

All candidates who meet the Inspector Requirements take a 4-hour classroom Inspector Training held by each State's Committee.

Please contact your state for the next classroom Inspector Training.

  • Online training: a 1-hour training that serves as a refresher for Inspectors, available through the ATFS Database You must have already taken an in person class in order to use this refresher. 


Tree Farm Standards

  • 2010-2015 AFF Standards of Sustainability are the current Standards all ATFS certified Tree Farms must follow.
  • Management Plan Template is a useful tool for landowners and foresters when creating or updating forest management plans. It is a unified plan created jointly by several forestry groups. Here is a presentation explaining the Template further
  • 2010 Management Plan Addendum is a tool foresters and landowners can use to update their management plans from the 2004 Standards to the 2010-2015 Standards. It's also a great place to record their research throughout to keep their management plan current and relevant.


Other Resources for Inspectors