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Allen R. Yale, Jr. is ATFS 2013 North East Region Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

Allen R. Yale, Jr. is ATFS 2013 North East Region Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

Vermont Tree Farmer Receives Annual Sustainable Forestry Honor Sponsored by STIHL

WASHINGTON—The American Tree Farm System® (ATFS), a program of the American Forest Foundation, has named Allen R. Yale, Jr. of Vermont the 2013 North East Region Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year, an annual sustainable forestry honor sponsored by STIHL, Inc.

Every year, ATFS inspecting foresters and state committees nominate certified Tree Farmers whose conservation efforts, outreach efforts to their community, and advocacy for sustainable forest management exceed expectations.

Yaledale Tree Farm consists of 75 acres of certified woodlands and is managed primarily for the production of high quality timber, both softwood and hardwood, as well as firewood to heat the Yales’ home. 

Fifty-four species of birds, 27 species of mammals, seven species of amphibians, and one reptile have been sighted on Yale’s Tree Farm. Yale retains coarse and fine woody debris to return nutrients to the soil and provide habitat for small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Large dead trees are retained as snags to provide habitat for cavity nesting birds. Thinning projects on the land allow sunlight to reach the forest floor which promotes a multi-layered understory for song birds.

For the past four years, Yale has conducted a workshop for the spring Vermont Coverts’ new cooperators’ workshop. He attended a Project Learning Tree® workshop in 2012 and is reaching out to local schools who may want to use his woodlot as an educational resource. Yale is a member of the Vermont Tree Farm Committee and he has hosted several educational tours on his land. 

“Allen, and his wife Kathleen, have dedicated a large part of their lives to practicing excellent forestry on their northern Vermont property, transforming an over-logged and farmed landscape to a model forest. Their commitment is infectious and has helped to educate countless others through their active involvement with area schools, a community college, and a number of conservation-oriented non-profit organizations,” said Jayson Benoit, Operations Director & Land Management Coordinator with the NorthWoods Stewardship Center.

Yale, Jr. and his fellow regional awardees were chosen after Tree Farm site visits by Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year inspecting forester judges. The National Tree Farmer of the Year, announced at July’s National Tree Farmer Convention in Minneapolis, is chosen from among these regional honorees, who will all attend this year’s convention and participate in a panel discussion about their sustainable forestry work.

The Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year awards are generously sponsored by STIHL, Inc., manufacturer of the number one selling brand of handheld outdoor power equipment in America. STIHL is proud to support the accomplishments of hard-working Tree Farmers from across the country. The four regional awardees will receive a $500 Gift Certificate from STIHL and travel assistance to the National Tree Farmer Convention.

The other regional awardees are John William Bembry of Georgia, Jo Arington of Wisconsin, and Bill and Joan Arsenault of Oregon.

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