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Robert Woodling and Linnea Good

Robert Woodling and Linnea Good

Robert Woodling along with his wife, Linnea Good, own a 100-acre Tree Farm in Monroe County, Indiana.

Robert and Linnea’s "Good-Woodling Woods has been the object and recipient of the passion of a man deeply committed to proving the vitality of a well-kept woodland. This university administrator/certified public accountant made it a life goal to excel at tree farming.

Robert’s initial purchase of 20 acres of land was made with the intent to "disturb things as little as possible." In the early 1980s, Robert investigated the possibility of classifying the acreage as "Classified Wildlife Habitat," through a program with the Indiana Department of Fish and Wildlife. A determination was made that the canopy would need to be opened up to qualify it for a wildlife classification. This presented an opportunity to improve the stand by removing many substandard stems.

This was the start. A few years later, Robert purchased 63 adjoining acres. He enrolled the land into the Indiana Classified Forest Program and developed a management plan.

An additional 17 adjoining acres were purchased in 1989, thus bringing the Good-Woodling Woods Tree Farm to 100 acres. A goal of increasing oak regeneration was established on the piece and, again, a management plan written.

The "rest of the story" is written in the pages of Robert’s meticulously kept records: complete inventory of all acreages, crop tree release, replant wildlife food plots, construct stream crossing, control invasive plants, manage for old growth characteristics, and more. 

The "more" is Robert and Linnea’s commitment to learning. Both he and Linnea completed the Forest Management for Landowners course taught by Purdue University Extension Services. Robert attended a three-day Indiana Coverts class sponsored by the Ruffed Grouse Society, Hardwood Log, Lumber, and Tree Grading workshops, as well as Phases I-IV of the Professional Cutter Training course sponsored by the Indiana Forest Industry Council. He continues to add to his knowledge base by engaging in internet-based forestry forums and monthly webinars hosted by Cornell University.