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Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center (

Features information on state and federal threatened and endangered plants and wildlife, habitats of particular conservation concern, and stewardship actions designed to benefit these important natural resources. 

Includes lists of county- and ecoregion-level information on occurrences of threatened and endangered species. Also offers an online mapping program, the Oregon Wildlife Explorer, that creates a list of animal species that could occur in a specified area. 

**A fee is charged to compile site-specific species lists and information.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (

Conserves and manages the state’s wildlife and aquatic resources.  Check the State Wildlife Action Plan ( for an overview of key species and habitats of conservation concern throughout the state.


Oregon Forest Resources Institute

A Guide to Priority Plant and Animal Species in Oregon’s Forests published by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. This guide is designed to assist forest landowners, land managers, students and educators in understanding how forests provide habitat for different wildlife and plant species. Keeping forestland in forestry is a great way to mitigate habitat loss resulting from development, mining and other non-forest uses. Through the use of specific forestry techniques, landowners can maintain, enhance and even create habitat for birds, mammals and amphibians while still managing lands for timber production.


Oregon Department of Forestry

Oregon Forest BioDiversity Explorer -- This tool – utilizing forest biodiversity information compiled for Oregon’s Statewide Forest Assessment – is specifically designed so Tree Farmers can consult an authoritative database regarding threatened, endangered, rare, sensitive (as well as more ubiquitous) species and habitats including forests of High Conservation Value in the privacy of their own home. For a demo of this feature, watch the web video demonstration of the LocatOR.

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