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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (

Conserves and manages the state’s natural resources, including wildlife and aquatic resources.  Sources of information on threatened and endangered species include:


  • Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program ( ) -- features information on state and federal threatened and endangered plants and wildlife, habitats of particular conservation concern, and stewardship actions designed to benefit these important natural resources. 

Includes a searchable database that can provide information on threatened and endangered species at the county or watershed level.  Additionally, three of the databases (Native Plant Communities, Sites of Biodiversity Significance, and Railroad Rights-of-Way Prairies) are available as GIS shapefiles and can be downloaded at no cost from the DNR Data Deli (  

**A fee is charged to compile site-specific species lists and information. 


  • State Wildlife Action Plan ( –identifies fish and wildlife in greatest need of conservation, providing an overview of key species and habitats of conservation concern throughout the state.
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