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Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans owns almost 1,000 acres that he has acquired in bits and pieces over 28 years in Derby, Vermont.

Forester Ross Morgan, who nominated Evans, said "Trevor lives and breathes good forestry practice. He is a spokesperson for low-impact logging and integrating wildlife habitat improvement."

Evan’s Tree Farm fittingly called, "The Tree Farm," has within the last 15 years planted 6,000 trees and developed areas for wildlife habitat with a goal of returning areas of the land to what is called a 4-stage forest, where a natural progression of open space, shrubs, young trees, and mature trees exist together.

For a 10-year time span beginning in 1980, Evans, purchased small pieces of the land from his father-in-law. Evans did this to provide income and to make sure quality care and assistance was given to the seller in his last remaining years. When his father-in-law passed in 1994, Evans was faced with decisions about the future of the land so he investigated forestry as well as needed surveying to locate lost boundary lines. In 1998, Evans obtained an additional 91 acres, adding it to the existing southern section of his tree farm.

Evans has been an active participant and advisor at the Northwoods Stewardship Center, where he completed the Game of Logging and conducted multiple workshops during the last 14 years. Evan works as the Orleans County Coordinator for Vermont Coverts and is also the vice-president on the Vermont Coverts Council. He is also a member of the New Hampshire/Vermont Christmas Tree Growers Association as well as an associate member of the Forest Guild. Evans caps off his titles and memberships with being a member of the National Tree Farm Association, and the Lake Memphremagog Watershed Council.

Sterling College and other organizations have visited his property on field trips for Wildlife Management courses. Evans has hosted many workshops and one of his greatest achievements is his almost everyday promotion of forest practices. He has helped and worked closely with a lot of landowners, getting them started with quality forestry work. His love and understanding of the forest are what makes him so adept at helping others in their forestry work.

Evans has shown that he is dedicated to making his land stand as a working example of the best forest management that can be practiced, a working model that integrates wildlife habitat work with silviculture, and recreational trails that provide aesthetically pleasing walks.

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