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New York Department of Environmental Conservation- Pest Management

Find all the laws and regulations related to pesticide use in your state. There is also a searchable database for state-registered pesticides and certified pesticide applicators (commercial and private). In addition, information on becoming certified and licensed as a Private Pesticide Applicator is available. Specific links of interest include:

Registered Pesticides, which allows you to search for pesticides registered for use in your state.

Laws and Regulations, which links to legislation applicable to pesticide use in your state.

Private Pesticide Applicator Certification and Licensing, which outlines the requirements for certification and licensing to become a Private Pesticide Applicator in your state. Information on recertification (which is required every 5 years) is also provided.

Forest landowners wishing to apply restricted use pesticides on their property must be licensed as a Private Pesticide Applicator.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension – Pesticide Safety Education Program

Offers a 30-hour training session for certification. This training is required for landowners who do not have the necessary experience or education that is required for certification by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. In addition to finding information on training sessions, you can obtain study materials for the Private Pesticide Applicator exam through this website and also find information on classes for recertification.

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