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Resources for Tree Farmers

Protecting Wildlife

When you manage your woods, you’re never alone. You’re making choices for yourself, your family and your community—and for the creatures that live among your trees.  Desirable plants and wildlife depend on your forest for survival.  Your woods can be especially vital for threatened or endangered species.  Protecting all of these creatures can make your forest healthier. It’s also part of the ATFS 2010-2015 Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification.

Your local extension service or state forestry agency can help you identify important species living on your property. These links can also help you get started:

NatureServe Explorer – a searchable online database of plants, animals, and ecosystems of the U.S. and Canada, with in-depth coverage of threatened and endangered species.

State Wildlife Action Plans – a collection featuring each state’s wildlife action plan.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Species Information – a list of federally threatened and endangered species, sorted by species group, country, state, and FWS region.

State Resources

To find resources in your state, please go to our Woodland Owners Resource map and click on your state.

Wildlife Guides is a website developed just for woodland owners.  It contains a wealth of information on wildlife and what you as a woodland owner can do to make your woods an inviting place.  


White Tailed Deer

Wild Turkey