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Take Action

What Steps Can You Take to Be an Advocate?

  • Sign up for our email alerts through the Family Forest Action Network and stay up-to-date on policy issues that impact family-owned forests.
  • Meet with your elected officials, both state and federal.  (Tips for communicating with elected officials.
  • Attend an event.  Elected officials often host townhall meetings.
  • Write an article for your local paper.
  • Stay engaged by writing letters and making calls.  The Family Forest Action Network helps to provide you the background information you need.
  • Give recognition—invite your officials to an event or meeting. 
  • Thank your lawmakers, when they act in support of your issues.


Top Five Reasons You Should be an Advocate

  1. You can make a difference and…together we can make a bigger difference.
  2. Laws can be changed or improved.
  3. Policy makers need your expertise on forest issues.
  4. Defense is needed too.  If you’re not at the table you’re on the table. 
  5. You have a story to share.


Who are my members of Congress?  Enter your address to find your members of Congress, learn about their committee positions, and get links to their websites for contacting them.  Members of Congress post their office addresses and email webforms on their websites.