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State Tree Farm Committee

Do you want to get more involved supporting sustainable forestry in your state? Consider joining your state Tree Farm committee. Committees are looking for expertise in a range of topics beyond just forestry. State Tree Farm Committee members help plan and run workshops, recruit new Tree Farmers and inspectors and provide outreach and support for the Tree Farm System. Expertise in database management, outreach, fundraising, websites, or just general administration are a great help! Contact your State Committee to learn more about getting involved.


To be an Inspector you must have graduated from at least a two year forestry program and have attended an Inspector training. For more information on becoming an ATFS inspector see the For Foresters section. 

Advocacy Outreach

If you are interested in volunteering as a Grasstops Leader or an advocate, please email for more information.

Grasstops Leaders
Grasstops Leaders are key points of contact for Tree Farm System and lead grassroots advocacy efforts in their state or region. Tree Farm System provides continuous leadership development, advocacy, and communications training for all its Grasstops Leaders.

Duties include: building support for AFF policy initiatives among elected officials; asking local family forest owners or conservation leaders to join the Grassroots Action Network; organizing visits with federal elected officials; traveling to DC to lobby on a particular issue; informing national staff and the National Public Affairs Committee on your local issues. Learn more about becoming an advocacy leader.

Advocates are Tree Farmers, other family forest owners, conservation and forestry partners, community leaders and members of the general public who care about family forest issues. They help Tree Farm System advocate for particular issues with their elected officials.

Short Term Volunteers

Could you lead an ATFS webinar or workshop? Are you willing to let other tree farmers tour your land for a field day? Or perhaps you want to volunteer to help out at a state event, there are many short term opportunities to support the American Tree Farm System. Contact your State Committee or the ATFS program coordinator MacKenzie Rawcliffe at


Another great way to support family forests and conservation is to make a donation to American Tree Farm System.  We depend upon the contributions of Tree Farmers, conservationists, and the general public to achieve our mission of securing healthy forests for future generations.  You can donate online or contact Melissa Englander at