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Resources for Foresters

Tips for Using the App

  1. Once you download the app and log in, you are connected to the live ATFS database. Please be aware that all data you will be working with is real Tree Farm certification data.  If you are interested in doing a demonstration with the app, please contact ATFS staff ( and we can help set you up with the staging database.  This will allow you to demonstrate the app without negatively affecting any real Tree Farm data. 

  2. Currently you can use the ATFS Inspection App for assigned inspections (both reinspections and initial inspections) as well as on the fly re-inspections.  Only designated database users can create records in the database, this helps to maintain the consistency and integrity of the database. An on the fly re-inspection can occur when you visit a known certified Tree Farm and can conduct a re-inspection during that visit.  At this time, the app cannot be used for on the fly initial inspections, however we will be working on this for future upgrades to the app. 

  3. Contact your state Tree Farm committee to get assigned new initial inspections and re-inspections

  4. You can download the app onto multiple devices (smartphones and/or tablets) but you can only synch your assigned jobs to one device.  So if you are going to be out in the field with your tablet, synch your jobs to that device before you head out, while you still have a wireless internet connection.

  5. If you have already synched your jobs and then donít have an internet connection in the field, you can still complete your inspection.  When you are back to an internet connection, synch your completed jobs and that data will be sent to the ATFS database for approval. 

  6. For each individual job, you will see the main page that lists the different sections of the inspection that need to be completed.  Next to each section is a red circle.  As you complete all the required information in each section, that circle will change to green. 

  7. Inspection Type section: when complete, click on the Back button to get back to the individual main job page.

  8. Tree Farm/Tree Farmer section: Update the Tree Farmer contact information but donít change the ownerís name.  If the property has a new owner, that change will need to be made in the online ATFS database by your state administrator or database contact.  

    1. Please remember to collect an email from the Tree Farmer.  Email is increasingly important for us to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate with our network. 

    2. Collect GPS points.  While on the property, you can easily collect a GPS point using the GPS capabilities on your phone.  

    3. Location field: Please use this field to include detailed directions on how to get to the property. 

    4. Location Legal field: Use this field if you need a space for Section, Block and Lot.  Otherwise this section could be left blank as Township, Section, Range information should be included in the designated spaces in the Tree Farm section.  

  9. Recent Management section: To click on the check box, you just need to tap on the words rather then trying to actually tap on the small box.  To get back to the main job page, click on the Back button. 

  10. Performance Measures section: For each PM or indicator, select Yes, No or N/A when appropriate. To see the full description for each indicator, tap on the (show full description).  The Performance Measures and Indicators are the basis for evaluating whether a landowner has met and is currently meeting our ATFS Standards of Sustainability.  While we know it is time consuming to fill in this section, it is very important for the Inspector to review each measure or indicator and decide whether each one is met (Yes), not met (No) or not applicable to this property (N/A). For example if someone selected Yes for the indicator around Threatened and Endangered species, then our third party auditors will be looking for additional documentation related to those species.  If no species are present, then the Inspector will need to select N/A. 

  11. Authorization section:

    1. Select an approver.  This person will receive an email letting them know when you have completed the inspection.   

    2. This is the section where you make the recommendation for certification or not.

    3. For the app, a landowners signature is required for all inspections types. This is a change from past procedures but addresses our PEFC requirement that landowners re-affirm their commitment to managing to the ATFS Standards of Sustainability.  

    4. Mark job as complete.

  12. You will receive an email with the pdf of the completed inspection.  This same email will be sent to the landowners and the approver for your state.  This email might initially get sent to your junk email, so please look for it and approve this email:
  13. Change your password by logging in to  Click on My Account and select Change your Password.