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Map Your Land

woman in the woods with a mapCheck out our new, online tool for woodland owners, My Land Plan. Mapping your land is a great way to stay connected with your woods and set goals to protect and enjoy it. 

What is My Land Plan? 

The My Land Plan tool gives you all kinds of easy ways to get more involved with keeping your woods healthy now and for the future. After you create a profile, you will have access to the Land Plan tool, an exclusive area of the website.

Start mapping now!


The planning tool lets you:

  • Map the boundaries of your land
  • Add features and special sites to your map, like trails, activity areas, wildlife viewing places and other favorite spots
  • Set goals and plan actions to protect and care for your land
  • Receive information specially tailored for what you want to do on your land
  • Record your actions and experiences in your own personalized forest journal. Share them with others if you want.


map my land