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Resources for Tree Farmers

Pests and Weeds

You’re committed to caring for your woods. But no matter where you live, invasive and destructive species can make that a challenge. These unwanted guests pose a real threat to the health of your woodlands.  To help you address these threats, we have developed a new website:, a resource for woodland owners. 

There are things that you can do to address a threat when you see it and steps you can to prevent outbreaks.  To learn more, visit our website where we have the following information:

Invasive Plants


Insect Pests





  • Check back as we continue to update this information


Tools for Addressing Pests and Weeds


You can also learn more about invasive species through our webinar series and its archive of past webinars. 

To keep your woods safe, know what’s in your state.  Find your woodlands area on this map, courtesy of the National Invasive Species Information Center.