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Resources for Tree Farmers

Forests in the Farm Bill

February 4, 2014 Update: Congress Passes Strong Farm Bill for Forests: The House of Representatives and Senate passed a final, compromise Farm Bill. The bill includes a number of provisions for forests, including new market opportunities for forest products, more conservation tools to forest owners, strengthened programs to fight invasive forest pests, and protection for woodland owners from unnecessary permit requirements on forest roads. If passed by the Senate, the bill would stand as the strongest Farm Bill yet for forests. Read the press release.

Take a look at this House and Senate side by side comparison.

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The Farm Bill is a conservation, agriculture, and food policy bill that falls within the purview of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

To combat the ever-increasing challenges America's 22 million family forest owners face each day, the USDA utilizes Farm Bill conservation programs to offer tools and resources to landowners.

The 2008 Farm Bill made important changes to the USDA conservation programs, better enabling family forest owners to participate.

In the years since the 2008 Farm Bill was signed into law, federal conservation tools and assistance available from Farm Bill programs to forest owners have signfiicantly expanded.

In particular, the Farm Bill provides forest owners with the outreach, education, and technical assistance they need to be better forest stewards. Forest owners are able to leverage their own time, energy and investment with conservation program dollars to ensure the long-term health and viability of our nation's forests.