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Convention Field Day 2014

The Burnham Woodlot

Proud Forest Stewardship in the Hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania

John and Maureen Burnham welcome you to their home – the Burnham Woodlot.  Nestled among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southwest Pennsylvania, the Burnham Woodlot features 550 acres of woodlands and meadows laced with five miles of hiking trails and roadways which provide access to many areas of the farm for visitors to explore.

The Burnham Woodlot is committed to developing and maintaining high-quality trees, varied wildlife habitats, and recreational opportunities.  Most importantly, however, the Burnhams are committed to supporting a smooth transition to the next generation of woodland stewards.

At the 2014 National Tree Farmer Convention Field Day, the Burnhams invite you to explore the diverse offering of demonstrations and learning stations throughout their property.  There’s plenty to do!  Stop by the American Chestnut plantation and learn about John & Maureen’s efforts to sustain the recovery of this iconic tree; take a walk through the wildflower meadow and speak with a local beekeeper about creating a pollinator plot on your own Tree Farm; learn how the Burnhams are controlling invasive species on their property; or simply spend some time on the trails – you may even run into “Kite Boy” or one of the other special surprises around the property.  And when you are ready for rest, pull up a seat and enjoy some local bluegrass sounds among the company of your fellow Tree Farmers.

The Burnham Woodlot, which has been in the family since 1956, is more than a forest with a management plan.  It’s a place for learning, a place for exploring, and a place for trying new things.  But most importantly, it’s a place that fosters a strong family bond for generations to come.