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Resources for Foresters

Expand Your Base

Turn the Diverse Populations of Landowners into Your Clientele Workshop

This workshop is designed to help foresters grow their businesses and/or expand their programs by learning innovative methods for reaching out to, and cultivating a diverse population of landowners.

The workshop derives much of its information from the US Forest Service’s National Woodland Owner Survey conducted from 2002 to 2006 as well as subsequent research and information conducted by the Sustaining Family Forests Initiative.

We host these workshops throughout the country and at national conventions (SAF and ACF).  Please contact Mike Burns at to learn more about these workshops.  

Upcoming Workshops

Please check back later for upcoming workshops...

Resources available for foresters from this workshop include



Wonder About Your Woods?

These My Land Plan brochures are great for engaging landowners. Supplies are limited and available to foresters who have participated in the workshop.