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Resources for Foresters

The ATFS Inspection App

tree farm inspection app






Meet our new App

  • A quick and easy way to complete your ATFS inspections
  • Download it to your smartphone or tablet, then itís always with you
  • Complete an inspection even if you donít have an internet connection, just synch the app when you are back online

Download the App Today

See our instructions for downloading the app for iPhone, iPad and Android. 

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Download Instructions

Get instructions for downloding the app and configuring it for your smartphone or iPad. 

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Starting the App

Learn how to launch and log in to the ATFS Inspection App on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

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App Guidelines

Before using the ATFS Inspector App, there's a few things you need to keep in mind. Please read and follow our best preactices for using the new app. 

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