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Meet Our Magazine for Woodland Owners

Advertise with Us

Looking to reach thousands of woodland owners across the country with your products or services? We invite you to advertise in Woodland magazine and Tree Farmer Bulletin. 

These quarterly, four-color publications feature compelling stories and beautiful photos in engaging, easy-to-read designs.

  • Woodland, the flagship publication of the American Forest Foundation, is geared to family forest landowners across America.
  • Tree Farmer Bulletin, the flagship publication of the American Tree Farm System® (a program of the American Forest Foundation), is a newsletter focused on the needs and interests of certified Tree Farmers.


Audience Profile

Readers of our publications come from all over the country, although nearly half live in the South. They typically own about 50 acres of woodland, are predominantly male, and 66 percent are age 60 or older. All of them have a keen interest in forestry management products and services. In addition, our readers engage in a wide range of recreational activities and hobbies, including outdoor activities such as gardening, bird-watching, hunting, fishing, camping, and boating; along with travel and culture; exercise and health; pets; and finance. 

Reasons to Advertise

Our readers are engaged by advertising:

  • Nearly half have purchased a product or service after seeing an ad;
  • 40 percent researched a product or service they saw advertised;
  • More than a third pass an ad along to others. 
  • More than 90 percent have purchased home products in the past year;
  • 87 percent have purchased or are interested in purchasing outdoor gear or equipment such as gardening supplies, power equipment, and outdoor apparel. 

Our readers also have purchasing power:

  • 95 percent of them make the final decision on forest management purchases;
  • 88 percent are influenced by the magazine’s content when purchasing supplies and equipment. 
  • More than 75 percent of these forest landowners plan to spend more than $5,000 on forest management products and services in the next five years. 


With our compelling content and advertising-influenced readers, Woodland magazine and Tree Farmer Bulletin provide ideal and effective channels for reaching your target audiences!

For information on rates, deadlines and specifications, please see our media kit.To place an order, please contact Busch & Associates, our advertising representatives:


Dave Busch
(northern states)


Richard Busch
(southern states)